Improve the overall performance and quality of your contact centre 

Xdroid’s Voice Analytics supports the automated Quality Management of a Contact Centre by quickly and easily identifying critical conversations. 

It does so by identifying dissatisfied customers, potential legal and authority cases, or detecting customers who plan to cancel their contract. 

Voice Analytics provides objective measurements that help identify the coaching and training needs, so that appropriate action can be taken to improve on agents’ performance. 

Reveal the truth behind all your customer interactions 

Our AI-based Voice Analytics solutions reveal every possible aspect of your customer conversations and create a competitive edge in the market for you. Identifying customer emotions and predicting behaviour will not only help you increase customer retention it also boosts your sales conversion rates. 

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Clear insights in contact centre   agents performance

KPI compliance levels are tracked over a certain period, individually or per department. Our dashboards provide your company with direct and actionable insight into your contact centre’s performance.


Real-time agent coaching

Xdroid’s real-time Agent Assist solution offers direct feedback to the agent, significantly reducing cost and time spent on Quality monitoring. Agent Assist will immediately help the agent on reaching KPIs, breaching compliance issues, changes in sentiment, acoustic information (speak slower), and many more aspects.  

Alerts can be sent to management for direct assistance. The solution also significantly reduces the wrap-up time and can provide lookups to save valuable time and respond quickly to customer questions.  

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