Business wi-fi solutions powered by decades of expertise

Increasingly people expect that wherever they happen to be, they can work, study, browse, email or connect via a wireless network.  This creates challenges in terms not just of internal or external geography but network access and security. 

Avoira offers proven, highly robust, reliable and secure business wireless networks. Our engineers design and implement bespoke network solutions spanning both interior and exterior spaces which, by incorporating the latest wi-fi technologies and business applications offer an impressive and rapid return on investment.

Wireless options

Point-to-Point, Point-to-Multipoint and mesh connectivity

We’ll provide the most appropriate and effective network structures and devices to meet the specific needs and challenges of your site, whether indoor or outdoor.

Fast wireless local area network (WLAN)

Fast and flexible WLANS are ideally suited to the provision of wi-fi connectivity in commercial premises, including offices, transport hubs and retail, leisure and hospitality venues

Business Wi-Fi networks

Companies of all sizes benefit from Avoira’s highly resilient, robust and secure business wi-fi solutions. Our extensive business wireless networking services include consultancy, design, installation, support and maintenance.

Community access solutions

We are an acknowledged pioneer in the provision of public access wireless networks, our award-winning expertise in the design and implementation of solutions serve schoolslibraries and local communities.

High density wireless solutions

Avoira offers unrivalled experience in high density wireless networks. Our smarter, more resilient wi-fi solutions are highly effective solutions in stadia, retail, housing estates and educational establishments.

Wi-fi analytics

Securely delivers rich customer analyticsdata and insights in real-time data and provides you with powerful marketing tools and data to maximise customer engagement, improve customer loyalty and grow your business.

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