Bespoke virtual experiences to make you stand out 

As the world becomes more mobile and hybrid, there has been an increased demand for live streaming and virtual events.

We offer a wide range of innovative technology from leading brands to provide you with high-quality audio and video solutions. We are able to support streaming capabilities to a broad range of platforms, including Facebook and YouTube, as well as custom platforms such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

Whether you're looking to enhance your current streaming and events platform, or you need direction on producing seamless live or recorded virtual events, our experienced engineers can help.

Streaming and virtual event examples


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Enable event attendance no matter the location or device

Our streaming and virtual event solutions allow for engaging and inclusive events for participants, no matter where or how they attend.

Attendees who cannot physically be at an event are able to attend virtually, all they need is access to the internet. Not only does this allow for a higher attendance rate for your events as people aren't tied down by location, but this type of event offers significant cost saving benefits. Virtual events don't incur the costs associated with physical venue, event hire and transportation services.

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