Next generation national network

Avoira’s range of high-speed IP connectivity services connect your business directly to our carrier’s next generation national network and the internet, enabling you to meet your ever-increasing bandwidth needs and allowing you to take full advantage of everything cloud-based services have to offer. 

Key reasons for deploying SIP

  • Business continuity and contingency options
  • Greater efficiencies over ISDN
  • Cost savings
  • ISDN end-of-life
  • Number flexibility


Avoira offers a full range of broadband services that includes: Fibre Broadband (FTTC), Annex M, ADSL Max and ADSL 2+.  We also offer Assured Services designed for IP telephony, whether it’s Hosted IP Telephony or SIP trunks. The network has been built to provide high-quality products and services and this is supported by a highly-skilled group of support staff and engineers (all located in the UK). 


Wireless networks

Avoira offers proven, award-winning expertise in the provision of highly robust, reliable and secure business wireless networks. Our engineers design and implement bespoke network solutions spanning both interior and exterior spaces which, by incorporating the latest wi-fi technologies and business applications offer an impressive and rapid return on investment.


Resilient networks

At Avoira we offer proven, award-winning networking expertise which spans wide area networks (WAN) and local area networks (LAN), including both public access and internal wireless applications.

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