Enabling worldwide communications

Satellite communications enable voice and data communications around the world and hard to reach areas of no connectivity within the UK. 

Avoira offer users a choice of satellite solutions including terminals and handsets from the major network providers, enabling us to present a package designed around their operating needs and financial requirements.

Satellite Communications is of particular importance to mission critical users, blue light services and operators of national critical infrastructure. Increasingly governmental and commercial emergency and disaster planning groups incorporate satellite into their communication solutions and business continuity plans.

Depending on the architecture of a particular system, network coverage may include the entire earth, or only specific regions. Avoira can advise clients on the network best suited for their geographical requirements.

Solutions that we offer...

  • Telephony voice platforms
  • Push to talk radio platforms
  • Fixed data (broadband)
  • Mobile data
  • In building coverage infill
  • Integration into existing PBX telephone systems
  • Integration into command and control systems
  • Fixed terminals within buildings for disaster recovery
  • Telemetry applications

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