Level up your in-building communication

RF over fibre allows for the distribution of wireless communications within a building. In building communication can be a challenge where wireless transmission from outside a building is not possible.

Avoira’s consultancy and design team will offer a full turn key solution when it comes to designing and deploying RF over Fibre Solutions

A RF over Fibre system can distribute multiple services such as two way Radio, GSM, ESN, Paging, TV and FM Radio (DAB) and WiFi.


  • Fibre can transmit signals over distances of 100km without signal degradation
  • It is lightweight, flexible and has less optical loss than coax cables
  • It has unlimited bandwidth


Where RF Over Fibre can be applied

  • Mining operations
  • Tunnels and confined spaces. 
  • Sport stadiums
  • Arenas
  • High-rise buildings and hotels
  • Education campuses
  • Shopping centres
  • Airports and railway stations
  • Power stations

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