Action driven Contact Centres with Xdroid’s real-time Agent Assist. 

Xdroids Agent Assist, the real-time Voice and Emotion Analytics solution. Capture, analyse and recommend actions are all done in just a fraction of a second.  Agents are advised to meet their compliance, track customer emotion, get pop-ups with relevant information, automatically schedule a follow-up call if needed, and wrap-up with an automatically generated call transcript. 

Avoira Call Centre software solutions - mobile company agent assist

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Could your agents prosper with a second set of ears?


A lookup to a website or application is triggered automatically based on the mention of specific keywords that are programmed as lookup KPI’s.  In that way, the agent can access relevant information much quicker.  


Alerts can be provided based on sentiment, acoustic, and content information.. Alerts can be automatically escalated to the Contact Centre Quality Manager about ongoing calls that might require immediate support based on KPI’s.

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