Why ransomware should matter to you

Recently, multiple large organisations have fallen victim to Ransomware, despite having best-of-breed preventive-based solutions in place. These organisations relied on prevention and threat detection, but cybercriminals are innovating new and unknown methods continuously to circumvent existing perimeter security

Not another endpoint solution

When Ransomware bypasses your existing security solutions, it will encrypt 25,000 files per minute, causing significant disruption to your business. At this point, the priority is to stop the illegitimate encryption as fast as possible, without the need to put another solution on your endpoints.

A vital last line of defence

The innovative and proven offering, RansomCare from BullWall, is a vital Last Line of Defence technology that detects ransomware outbreaks in seconds, by monitoring the data activity of the organisation. RansomCare investigates the heuristics of each file accessed by a user either on-premise or in the cloud. The application is agentless and creates no network performance overhead.

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Features & benefits

New strains of ransomware can disable endpoint protection, AV, firewalls, and even backup solutions before encryption starts. What do you do if your perimeter and endpoint protection is breached? RC focus to protect your data storages; not your endpoints. You already have protection in place on your computers and endpoints, but what do you have to stop ongoing illegitimate encryption on file shares?

RC is the answer. It detects and responds the very second illegitimate encryption and file corruption begins on file shares, providing your IT team a critical Last Line of Defence.

  • Multiple cloud connectors 
  • Fast and reliable Restful API 
  • Installation and training is remote and takes 1-3 days 
  • Agentless and no performance overhead


  •  Monitors data activity on file shares in real time
  • Instantly detects ongoing illegitimate encryption  


  • Identifies and isolates the user and client initiating the encryption  
  • Deploys built-in scripts to isolate the affected user and stop the file encryption

A vital last line of defence

  • Quickly identifies the few encrypted files that can be restored from the backup  
  • Automates any necessary incident reporting

Cloud Integrations

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Unify and strengthen your database

Skyrocket the value of your Security Spend with a critical Last Line of Defense solution engineered to fully integrate with your existing security measures.

  • RC seamlessly integrates with Cisco ISE, Aruba, Splunk, IBM QRadar, ATP and other solutions typically within hours.  
  • In the event illegitimate encryption is detected, RC immediately sends an alert and relevant information to integrated solutions.
  • All integration, communication and alert functions are fully operable whether you’re hosting in the cloud or have an MSP managing your IT solutions and infrastructure.

Security Integrations

Customers we support

“We were impressed when we saw a demonstration of RC. It refocused us to the huge impact of ransomware and that those attacks were getting a lot nastier and more significant than in the past. Also, the investment was relatively modest in terms of what we were getting in return.” 

 – Public Sector organisation in Wales with 2,800 employees 

“In our due diligence research and competitive evaluation of the BullWall solution we found that there was nothing else like it on the market that delivered such an effective last line of defence. So, it wasn’t a difficult decision to choose the RansomCare solution.” 

Council in United Kingdom with 5,500 employees 

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