Why ransomware should matter to you

Recently, multiple large organisations have fallen victim to Ransomware, despite having best-of-breed preventive-based solutions in place. These organisations relied on prevention and threat detection, but cybercriminals are innovating new and unknown methods continuously to circumvent existing perimeter security. In October 2020, the G7 released a statement urging organisations to “move beyond traditional perimeter security to defend against ransomware.”

Not another endpoint solution

When Ransomware bypasses your existing security solutions, it will encrypt 7,000-10,000 files per minute, causing significant disruption to your business. At this point, the priority is to stop the illegitimate encryption as fast as possible, without the need to put another solution on your endpoints.

A vital last line of defence

The innovative and proven offering, RansomCare from BullWall, is a vital Last Line of Defence technology that detects ransomware outbreaks in seconds, by monitoring the data activity of the organisation. RansomCare investigates the heuristics of each file accessed by a user either on-premise or in the cloud. The application is agentless and creates no network performance overhead.

In case of a ransomware outbreak, how do you?

1. Identify which user and which device initiated the outbreak (Patient Zero)?

2. Stop the ongoing encryption immediately before significant damage occurs?

3. See which files are encrypted and where they reside?

Features & benefits

Reacts in milliseconds

On detecting a ransomware outbreak, RansomCare immediately raises an alert and triggers a response to isolate the user and/or device that initiated the outbreak. Encryption stops instantly, before it spreads to the rest of your organisation, becoming a very costly affair. With a rapidly expanding attack surface to defend, you need a 24/7 automated containment solution, ensuring that the business risk is fully mitigated.

  • Multiple cloud connectors 
  • Fast and reliable Restful API 
  • Installation and training is remote and takes 1-3 days 
  • Agentless and no performance overhead

Free ransomware assessment test

Test your current infrastructure resilience against a ransomware outbreak.

  • Non-obligatory ransomware assessment test
  • Conducted by our cyber security experts
  • Takes just two hours and is conducted in a completely safe and controlled manner
  • Our assessments have shown us that many current solutions* cannot stop ongoing illegitimate encryption (*Antivirus, Next-gen Antivirus, EDR etc..)

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