Interactive displays

Bring your presentations to life with our innovative solutions 

We offer a range of technology and tools to help you enhance your presentation capability, including projectors, wireless presentation systems, interactive displays, control systems and more.

By understanding how you currently use your presentation spaces, and how you want to use them going forward, we can recommend suitable technologies to help deliver your vision.

Deliver seamless presentations with our wired and wireless systems 

Our high-spec presentations systems support PC, MAC, laptop, tablet and mobile devices, enabling participants to share content from any location directly to your presentation screen.

Sophisticated, yet simple to use, solutions allow you to professionally integrate your AV equipment, delivering exceptional full-duplex audio and HD video.

With wireless presentation systems also allowing participants to switch between presenters with ease, no matter their location, you'll benefit from productive and professional presentation experiences.

Wireless presentation systems

Presentation system features

Wired presentation systems

  • Automatic live input detection, data equalisation, audio delay capabilities and re-clocking functions.
  • Wireless BYOD presentation access.
  • Support for digital audio formats.
  • Advanced EDID management optimises device compatibility and functionality.
  • Automatic embed/de-embed HDMI capabilities.

Wireless presentation systems

  • Enable up to 8 people to share content simultaneously from any device and seamlessly switch between presenters.
  • Allow access to all with wireless BYOD capabilities.
  • High-grade audio with SIP conferencing speakerphone.
  • No software downloads or messy cables.
  • Support laptops running web conferencing or other software through USB connectivity.

Bring crystal clear imagery to your presentations 

Our cutting-edge laser projection solutions provide high-definition resolutions and superior colour brightness to ensure your presentations are seen as well as heard.

Thanks to our longstanding partnerships with leading manufacturers, we offer outstanding visualisation technologies through portable or fixed installations in venues large and small.

Projector system features include:

  • Lamp-free laser projection.
  • Accurate colour matching.
  • Professional image stability.
  • High-definition resolution, up to 4K.
  • High lumen output and colour brightness.
  • Wireless image sharing and device monitoring.

Projector systems

Control system technology

Command attention with the latest control system technology 

Our sophisticated control systems empower users to easily manage all presentation room devices via a single touch screen. 

Control system features include:

  • On-screen and external USB keyboard options.
  • Sizing and mounting options to suit you.
  • Integrated browsing for instant web access.
  • Voice recognition triggers speech commands.
  • User-friendly full HD 1080p touch screen.
  • Auto-adjusting screen brightness responds to ambient lighting conditions.

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