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Xdroid’s Voice Analytics uses Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to identify and measure speech style-based emotions, keywords, expression-based sentiment and speech characteristics. 

Artificial intelligence & machine learning for the contact centre 

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Helps you predict your customer’s behaviour 

Xdroid’s Insight Learning helps you to recognize the factors that played a crucial role in these conversations. Xdroid Insight Learning module takes CRM data and speech characteristics into account and complex relationships that, without Machine Learning, would be left uncovered. 

Our system will automatically generate rules that can be applied to new conversations and alerts that can be set for conversations that meet these criteria. The right people can be notified in time and can take appropriate action. 

Xdroid’s AI-based software engines perform two types of analysis. 

Transcriptions of conversations can be assigned to each speech segment of the conversation to either the agent or the customer.  Then, an extensively trained deep neural network classifies them for characteristics such as emotion (happy, disappointed, displeased or uncertain), speech rate, volume, pitch, intonation and articulation. 

Combining categorizations with probabilities yields a score for all characteristics on every speech segment and the overall conversation. 

The results of those requiring attention are presented to Contact Centre Managers and Qualit

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