In an emergency, every second counts 

Paging systems establish a private messaging service to ensure that personnel can be always contacted. We offer a broad range of paging products; from onsite paging systems, to wide area paging service, these systems can be configured and customised to precisely meet the budget and needs of most paging applications. Paging offers interfaces into 3rd party systems to always provide information and data to the right user. Pages are typically placed via Telephone or PC based applications. Data connections to the system can also automatically generate pager messages to the right individual or group. 

Features and benefits

  • Secure, private messaging
  • Robust and durable devices
  • Long battery life on user devices
  • Small and lightweight
  • Supports individual and group messages
  • Voice and text capabilities
  • Connections to on site systems such as alarm and plant systems
  • ATEX solutions
  • Highly resilient and fully redundant solutions available 
  • Command and control integration
  • PC applications available
  • Integration into telephone systems
  • Purchase or managed service - flexible options
  • Ofcom business radio licensing - support in applying for Ofcom licences

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