Embrace the next generation

Avoira’s Next Generation applications for contact centres can help improve contact centre efficiency, contact centre security and compliance as well as improving your customer’s experience when they contact you.

Voice driven IVR

Voice Driven IVR’s are designed for businesses looking to quickly and easily upgrade their customer’s calling experience, allowing callers to talk their way through the IVR menu.

Combining AI and Voice recognition technologies, the Conversational IVR solution features advanced, enterprise-grade Voice Recognition capabilities that instantly automate calling journeys for both customers and internal users, by using simple, intuitive voice requests.

The readymade solution is GDPR compliant and available on the Cloud or On-Premise, offering rapid deployment from zero-to-service in just a few days.

  • Easily create and adjust call flows and menus
  • Supports both internal and customer calls
  • Seamless integration with Microsoft Teams and UC Environments
  • Zero-to-service deployment in a few days

Biometric solutions

Contact Centre Biometrics are primarily used for authentication and security.  A voice is unique and when used to securely access services provides a compliant, streamlined experience for your customers. YOUR VOICE IS YOUR PASSWORD.

AI driven analytics

Avoira’s AI driven analytics tools allow for speech to be analysed both post call and in real time.

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