Communication solutions for frontline workers enabling efficiency, accountability, and productivity 

Our Solutions range from simple radio communications covering the entire site to fully integrated Clinical and Non-Clinical task management solutions using a variety of healthcare specific communication devices and Enterprise Mobility.  

Providing frontline workers with the correct tools for the task in hand is paramount to help improve patient safety and gain efficiency. 

Having a reporting suite, providing real time data helps to manage the KPIs and SLAs in place to confirm that the services being provided are performing at their best.  

Avoira also provide Paging systems suitable for the healthcare sector. 

Explore healthcare communications

CARPS task management 

With CARPS, no one sits idle and you can still provide fast response times to priority task requests. This enhances service provision, performance management and staff utilisation. Performance data is immediately available, enabling easy analysis of performance against key deliverables.

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CARPS clinical 

Hospitals are asked to improve efficiency, patient care outcomes and save money. In short, to do more with less. The affordable availability of powerful information technology, such as smart devices and software, means that innovations in communication and information handling are a possibility.

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TopCat auditing tool

TopCat can lead to considerable savings in both time and money. It reduces the amount of time it takes to carry out an individual audit or inspection, giving staff time to do more. 

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Healthcare devices

Let us help you choose the right devices to meet your needs. Devices will be in 24/7 operation and our radio and enterprise Mobility solutions enable the chosen devices to cope with the strain of the use.  

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