Secure, reliable and resilient connections

With technology advancing at lightning speed, secure and resilient connectivity has now become a critical component of enabling businesses to deliver value. But when sharing confidential data between sites, it’s imperative that your connection meets the highest security standards. 

Avoira will assist you in deploying the required data connection suitable for your environment and future plans. 

Avoira can manage your connections on your behalf, so you can benefit from 24/7 support and monitoring from our UK-based technical experts.

Our offerings include:

  • Internet Connections such as FTTP and FTTC
  • Assured service circuits
  • Private and Dedicated lines such as MPLS
  • SD WAN Solutions

Our offerings...

Internet connections:

In the 21st century, the internet underpins almost everything we do. And no matter the sector you’re in, fast, reliable connectivity is paramount. 

Our Internet connections include services such as Fibre to the premise and Fibre to the cabinet.

FTTP is the next generation of broadband connectivity and our customers can expect the delivery of game changing speeds to their premises.


MPLS Networks from Avoira offers a private network (VPN) for next-generation inter-site connections. Thanks to our close partnerships with multiple carriers, Avoira’s Managed MPLS Network can provide resilient connectivity over a wide range of access types as well as secure internet breakout, enabling you to get fast and secure data networking across the UK – all at a competitive price. 


As the workforce becomes ever more distributed the threats to your data increase every day, leaving IT managers looking for a way to deliver greater control over the application performance and application security delivered to end users. Avoira’s SD-WAN solutions offer improved visibility of your application flows across your infrastructure, allowing you to improve performance through simple and flexible bandwidth scaling, maximising the usage of existing investments. You can set application usage policies to improve compliance and security, providing the toolset for your IT team to remain agile and adapt the network infrastructure to the business’ requirements.

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