Connectivity solutions

Our extensive voice and data connectivity portfolio for end-to-end communications allows greater integration and maximises your in house applications, systems and end points.

Network access is required for a whole host of solutions and applications such as hosted voice, SIP, video conferencing and CCTV. 

Multiple sites also need to be connected via secure, dedicated connections. Our connectivity solutions cover all our customers needs and provide a choice of connectivity suitable for all environments.

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Data connections 

A robust data connection is paramount for business critical communications platforms. Our broad range of connections have you covered.

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Wireless and microwave

Need wireless connectivity? We have vast experience in deploying multiple forms of technologies

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Networking is the heart of all communications solutions and robust, secure and resilient networks are paramount when deploying systems that heavily depend upon it working. 

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Port your numbers from legacy telephony circuits to our SIP offerings.

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ESN and mobile cellular infill solutions  

Problems with Mobile coverage? We have you covered!

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RF over fibre 

RF over Fibre will allow for multiple services to be distributed via optical cable around a building, campus or even confined spaces such as tunnels. 

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Distributed antenna systems 

Need 100% coverage around your site or operations? Our consultancy team can design the DAS network required for your building providing you the connectivity you need.

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Satellite communications 

Need communications in hard to reach areas? Need a disaster recovery and business continuity plan? Satellite communications can enable communications when all else fails.

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Business parks / Multi tenant

We offer a full range of solutions that will ensure business parks can offer tenants the connectivity they need to grow and prosper.

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