Professional on-site coverage assessment survey

We are experts in what we do. Accredited to advise and supply our solutions, we also have a fully trained and professional team of consultants who can assist with site assessments.

Whether you are looking to expand your footprint, or experiencing black spots within your coverage, we can assess site and advise on any issues or remedial works that can overcome the challenges you are facing.

Our strategy is to conduct on site surveying and testing of equipment to provide reassurance that either equipment is working as it should do or needs a simple expansion or design change to enable the coverage you expect from your wireless infrastructure.

Predictive site survey

The predictive coverage survey service gives an indicative scope of deployment, for budgetary purposes.

The report can be used to make decisions about allotting suitable budget for the project.

The next steps would be to confirm suitability by undertaking a coverage survey on site.

Onsite coverage survey

The onsite coverage survey service will confirm the predictive plans and enable the design team to specify the exact requirements for the solution being deployed.

It also provides information such as cabling and infrastructure requirements and will enable us to compile a scope of works to be passed to the relevant project manager, project delivery and implementation team.

Potential interference will be investigated and if discovered, specialist spectrum analysis tools will be used and changes made accordingly.

Signal to noise ratios (SNR) and signal strength (RSSI) will be captured and become crucial information within the design of the system.

Commissioning survey

The commissioning survey will provide validation of the recently commissioned or modified system and the assurance the system is optimised according to the live environment.

The survey will confirm that the solution is deployed as per the design and coverage requirements of the customer and will test that the equipment is operating as per the manufacturer's specifications.  

Signal to noise ratios (SNR) and signal strength (RSSI) will be captured and become crucial information within the system build documentation.

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