assessment services

From vision to strategy through a robust business process

As part of our Assessment services, Avoira’s expert consultants work through a defined business analysis process with you to arrive at specific outcomes, recommendations and actions. 

Our consultants engage with key stakeholders, assess the current situation, provide comprehensive reports and design a strategic recommended remediation plan including investment models and ROIs. Providing a 360degree view of your environment.

Our service is built on fully understanding your business, technology and vision for the future. Together, we will develop a business-aligned strategy. 

Explore assessment services

Voice assessment 

A full analysis of your existing telephony estate and discover your future strategic requirements

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Cyber assessment 

A review on how best to protect your information and data in an everchanging landscape.

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Network and security assessment 

Designed to provide a detailed insight into a customer’s network 

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Coverage assessment 

Provides detailed information on your current coverage footprint and identify any remedial enhancement works required 

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