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It’s time to discover why Jabra is the professionals’ choice for hybrid working. Jabra has developed the technology, expertise and built-in device support you need to make flexible working work for everyone.

With Jabra PanaCast, Jabra Engage, and Jabra Evolve, you've got everything you need to work smarter, more efficiently and more collaboratively than ever before.    

New ways of working 

are here to stay


To help businesses navigate the transition to a hybrid-working model, Jabra studied the topic. 

The Jabra Hybrid Ways of Working 2022 Global Report* unpacks the findings from a study of more than 5000 knowledge workers in five key countries around the world. Here are a few findings:

say they will not work for a company that requires them to come into a physical office 5 days a week

want to be able to work from  anywhere in the future

say that the ability to work anywhere is more important than salary and other benefits

are more likely to work for a company that has hybrid work options

Meet Jabra's hybrid-
working devices

Not only do Jabra's professional grade devices give your teams a professional-grade experience with the highest quality sound and vision, they also give you better UC adoption, with a suite of Unified Communication certified products that work out of the box and are easy to use and remotely manage.

Video conferencing. Reinvented.

As the world embraces a more hybrid-working future, it’s time to rethink meetings. Engineered to make intelligent, high-quality video conferencing accessible for every single worker, no matter where they are, the Jabra PanaCast Series reinvents video collaboration as we know it.

It’s time to expand the possibilities of how we stay connected with the PanaCast Series.

Video Conferencing for Meeting Rooms 

Jabra PanaCast 50

Jabra PanaCast 50 is an advanced new-normal-ready intelligent video bar for your in-office days. With outstanding high-quality 180° Panoramic-4K video technology, world-leading professional-grade audio and a range of intelligence-driven features including Intelligent Zoom, Virtual Director, live whiteboard content camera streaming and Safety Capacity and Room usage insights, Jabra PanaCast 50 keeps remote teams connected.

Video Conferencing for Flexible Use

Jabra PanaCast

Jabra PanaCast delivers a full 180° view in a compact portable design which is ideal for huddle rooms, shared working spaces and classrooms. Engineered to deliver 180° Panoramic-4K plug-and-play video conferencing, Jabra PanaCast offers a range of features, including Intelligent Zoom and whiteboard sharing via the Jabra Whiteboard app, for an incredible virtual collaboration experience. What better way to pair the PanaCast than with a Jabra Speak 750 in the Meet Anywhere/+ bundles, by combining exceptional video with amazing audio.
Video Conferencing For personal use

Jabra PanaCast 20

Jabra PanaCast 20 is an outstanding portable device, engineered for AI-enabled personal video conferencing, with intelligent capabilities like unique Picture-in-Picture mode. With premium AI-powered 4K Ultra-HD video quality, Jabra PanaCast 20 delivers the perfect image every time, taking outstanding video conferencing collaboration beyond the office walls to include home and on-the-go use. Pair with industry-leading Jabra headsets or speakerphones for a premium audio experience.

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Amazing Audio Technologies 

across the board

We spend 20% more time collaborating than we did six years ago, but available concentration time has shrunk by 10%¹. It’s time for a better way of doing things; enter Jabra Evolve. Jabra has re-engineered the world-leading Evolve in every single way, allowing them to bring you significant performance enhancements across the board. These are professional headsets but not as you know them.

¹Kantar/TNS Knowledge Worker Study, 2018; Gensler US Workplace Survey, 2019

Whole new standard of comfort

Jabra Evolve2 75

Whether you’re dialing in from a noisy home, hot-desking in a shared workspace or trying to concentrate in a busy open office, then the Evolve2 75 is perfectly engineered for your needs. Keep your background noise, in the background and off your calls making it an ideal choice for a busy open-plan environment.

Engineered to power your meetings with seamless, premium audio

Jabra Speak 750

Bring your huddle room to life with the Speak 750 which has been engineered to power your meetings with seamless, premium audio. With the Speak 750, you can hold natural conversations via the speakerphone as both sides of the conversation are transmitted at the same time, allowing the conversations to flow just as they would do in person. Versatile and easy to use and compatible with all leading Unified Communication platforms.

A new standard of noise isolation for concentration

The Jabra Evolve2 85

The Jabra Evolve2 85 headset is designed to cancel 54% more of the noise around you from the moment you put them on, thanks to a superior acoustic design and enhanced memory foam padding, as well as the incredible Active Noise Cancellation for an added concentration boost.

View the full Jabra Evolve2 range

Audio Headsets for call intensive users

Jabra Engage 75/65

It’s frustrating to have a conversation when there is a lot of background noise. If you spend the majority of your day on calls in a crowded room, the Jabra Engage 75/65 is a great option for all-day comfort with an extended wireless range.

View the full Jabra Engage range

Jabra Speakerphones.

Jabra Speak 750

By combining a PanaCast with Jabra Speak 750 you will have an optimal video and audio experience with a face-to-face meeting like no other. It’s certified for Microsoft Teams and works with all UC platforms.

Easy plug-and-play video meetings.

Everytime, everwhere.

Jabra PanaCast Meet Anywhere /+ Bundles

Take your meeting room with you, wherever you go with the Jabra Meet Anywhere and Meet Anywhere+ Bundles. 94% of businesses say video conferencing has increased their productivity. Imagine the possibilities if you could take your virtual meeting room anywhere.

Jabra PanaCast Meet Anywhere

What's included in the bundle?

  • Jabra PanaCast
  • Jabra Speak 750
  • 1m USB-A to C Cable
  • Premium Travel Case

Jabra PanaCast Meet Anywhere+

What's included in the bundle?

  • Jabra PanaCast
  • Jabra Speak 750
  • 1.8m USB-A to C Cable
  • Premium Travel Case
  • Table Stand

Bundle benefits

  • Transform anywhere into a meeting space, the PanaCast ensures your professionalism stays on point, no matter where you're set up.
  • 180 degree Panoramic-4K view of the meeting space, ensuring all participants don't have to squeeze together to be clearly seen.

  • Turn anywhere into a classroom, making distance-learning easy no matter where your students are and allowing things to be clearly explained, as if you're in the same room.
  • Panacast Meet Anywhere makes it easy for doctors and patients to connect safely wherever they are.

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Success stories

“The Jabra PanaCast has made it possible for our teams to optimize communications and operate even under the most stressful of circumstances. Being able to seamlessly hop onto Zoom calls with our team – no matter where they were – ensured we could quickly connect, align and continue to provide community services.”

Kevin Grumbling, IT Manager, at the City of Richland

“ It speaks volumes that we could set up 2,500 Jabra cameras and speakerphones seamlessly in such a short period of time.”

Jamal Guiler, System Administrator at Sarasota County Schools

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Whether you’re new to this whole hybrid thing or a seasoned pro, JABRA have got the tools to equip you and your teams for the ultimate success.

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