Providing communications and control 

Our Telemetry and Scada solutions provide a data collection and processing systemCommunications can be achieved via two-way radio, digital microwave radio, Ethernet and low speed scanning telemetry modems within all the utilities industries and other similar sectors. This technology offers the opportunity to guard and maintain resources at every level. 

SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) monitors and analyses telemetry data and information for several end pointsSCADA based solutions are widely adopted in many areas, including electricity distribution and water utilities, petrochemical industries, and the power generation sector. 

Quick and flexible approach

The system allows total visibility of all system datavia accurate telemetry, allowing for proactive real-time processing adjustments, maintenance and rapid response to critical system alarm and status information. 
Processing of the SCADA data can take place locallto data collection points, with only routine updates and critical alarms being relayed to the central hub. Or all the raw data can be relayed to the central hub with processing completed at a central point, therefore limited local data processing at the collection point allows for switching into safe standby, if the data link is lost to the central control point.

Features and benefits

  • One network for mission critical voice and machine-to-machine data
  • Quantifiable improvements to workforce efficiency
  • Improved load management ensures that asset life cycles are maximised
  • Performance
  • Expansion
  • Flexibility
  • Management and Diagnostics
  • Durability and Reliability
  • Security

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