Private, secure mobile voice and data solutions

From IoT to automation, AI and more, Industry LTE 4.0 promises transformative possibilities for every industry and application. These possibilities can’t become realities on today’s Wi-Fi or cabled networks, but our Industrial-grade Private LTE Wireless solutions deliver heightened reliability, predictable performance, built-in security and essential connectivity for virtually every possible requirement. With one network addressing all needs, supporting the vast majority of today’s and future applications, and provides a range of deployment options from fully standalone to third-party hosted services.

What do you get with industrial-grade private wireless?

Intrinsic security

Protect your operations with built-in encryption and authentication capabilities

Mission-critical reliability

Avoid downtime with robust connectivity that keeps critical systems up and running

Pervasive coverage

Extend ubiquitous connectivity across large campuses sites, indoors and outdoors

Predictable performance

Meet growing demands with consistently high data rates and low latency

High multi-user capacity

Keep all workers connected and make sure they get full value from voice, video and data applications

Effortless mobility

Support advanced applications on mobile assets and transparent handovers to public LTE networks

Services available for private LTE:

  • Voice services
  • Data services
  • Radio PTT services
  • IOT sensors and monitors
  • WLAN networks
  • Security and access control
  • Analytics 
  • Reporting 

Suitable industries:

  • Airports
  • Manufacturing
  • Warehousing
  • Mining
  • Energy and utilities
  • Ports
  • Quarries
  • Healthcare
  • Nuclear Sector
  • Power Generation

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