Secure, robust headset solutions

Our range of headset solutions from all the leading manufacturers offer a range of features.

Solutions can be as simple as hearing protection headsets with connectivity into two-way radios, offering noise cancelling protection and ambient listening operation mode.

Radio headset solutions offer:

  • Full hearing protection
  • Noise cancellation microphones
  • Ambient listening
  • Interfaces into all leading two-way radio manufacturers
  • ATEX Solutions

Feature-rich communications solution:

Headsets are also available with inbuilt radio transceivers, offering push to talk or full duplex intercom modes, enabling users to continue communication with both hands free, to complete the task at hand. Headset solution can be connected to wired access points and telephone interconnect facilities. Solution can support multiple users, allowing for group conversation. 

Hands free operation, instant communication. 

Continuous conference call for up to 16 users. 

Digital encryption for secure communication. 

Increased productivity of your teams.

Patented noise filter to suppress background noise.

Multi-channel allowing several systems on the same site.

Intuitive handsets for ease of use.

Bluetooth option for headset and connection to smartphones.

Interconnection with two-way radio or telephony.

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